Special Meeting of The Owners

Aug 4 2020 - 6:30pm

The Oak Tree Home Owners Association Board of Directors, is hosting a special meeting on

August 4th, at 6:30pm in the Oak Tree Country Club,

in order to put forth a motion to amend the Oak Tree By-Laws, to reduce the required quorum of Owners at our annual meeting to 25%. This motion will be voted upon by the Oak Tree Home Owners.

Currently, the Association requires a quorum of 50% of the Owners to hold the meeting, and vote to approve the Annual Budget, or any other motions put forth during the meeting. If the association fails to meet the quorum, the meeting cannot begin, and the HOA must recall at least 30 days later, with a reduced quorum at that time. We have not achieved a quorum in the 1st Annual Meeting, in over 2 decades. The HOA Board of Directors feel that the funds used to announce and host the failed meeting each year would be better put to other uses in our community.

A voting proxy has been provided below for you to submit your vote on this motion. You may also obtain a paper copy at either guard gate.

Click Here to Download Voting Proxy