Security in Oak Tree

Tue, 11/17/2020 - 12:03pm

            The Oak Tree HOA has worked in the last year to make tangible improvements to our security operations. We continue to upgrade our equipment, revise protocols, training and hiring standards. We feel these changes have made a difference in the standard of security in the community. These improvements do not lessen the need for cooperation and partnership from our residents.

            In the first week of September, an incident occurred on Oak Tree Property, an unlocked vehicle parked in the driveway, and its contents were stolen from a home. Fortunately, the vehicle was quickly recovered just outside the boundary of Oak Tree due to a remote-shutoff system installed in the vehicle. Oak Tree Security has coordinated with Edmond Police in investigating the crime.

            Oak Tree Security Patrol cannot effectively monitor all properties at all times. It is essential that home owners take steps to protect their personal property. Here are a few tips to help protect your personal belongings:

  • Park your vehicles inside a closed garage.
  • If a vehicle must be left parked outside, LOCK IT! Would-be burglars almost always move on from locked vehicles. The risk of setting off an alarm is too high.
  • Avoid leaving valuables inside cars overnight, even if it is locked! Bring inside items like cash, weapons/firearms, briefcases electronics, sunglasses, etc. A locked door is often a deterrent for criminals, if they see something enticing, they are more likely to take the risk.
  • Illuminate the exterior of your home & consider investing in a camera security system around your home! Brightly lit homes reduce the number of potential hiding spots. Visible cameras are a great way to keep criminals away from your home. Camera footage is a valuable resource for law enforcement investigations
  • If you see something, say something! If you see suspicious activity in or around the community, report it to security right away! There is always an officer on patrol to investigate. The sooner they can respond, the better equipped they are to handle the situation. Even if it’s likely nothing to worry about, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! If you have an emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately.
  • Notify security if you will be away from home for any extended amount of time- Oak Tree Security is available to periodically monitor your home while you are away.

We also ask that residents observe the community-wide speed limit of 25 mph. The Oak Tree HOA is continuously investing in traffic calming solutions, such as additional stop signs, driver feedback signs, and speed bumps. Our community sees significant pedestrian and golf cart traffic every day, and the safety of our residents and children is very important to the entire Oak Tree community.

            We thank our residents for your continuous partnership with security to keep Oak Tree safe!


The Oak Tree Board of Directors

Saundra Naifeh, Chris Hoke, Walter Gillispie, Heather Porter, and Julie LeBlanc